Treating your hypothyroid dog

Treating your hypothyroid dog is simple and consists of thyroid hormone replacement. Treatment significantly improves their quality of life and prevents the development of other, potentially life-threatening conditions, for which treatment can be intensive and costly.

Treatment with Forthyron®

Forthyron is a licensed tablet treatment for hypothyroidism in dogs, containing Levothyroxine sodium, a synthetic replacement for T4 hormones.

As soon as your dog has started treatment, you will notice marked improvements, your dog will quickly become more alert and attentive, and other symptoms will improve over the coming months.

Activity Usually within 2 weeks
Skin 1 to 4 months (hair loss will increase initially)
Weight Gradually decreases by 10% within 3 months
Back to normal
Usually within 13 weeks


A blood test will be performed between 4 and 8 weeks of starting treatment to check your dog’s hormone levels. This will need to be performed 3 hours after a dose of Forthyron.

It may be necessary for your veterinary surgeon to adjust the dose of Forthyron after interpretation of the blood test. When your veterinary surgeon is happy with your dog’s progress and T4 levels have normalised, you will still need to visit your vet for regular monitoring.

It is important that you continue giving your dog the prescribed dose of Forthyron every day. Even if you notice dramatic physical improvements in your dog’s health you should not stop treatment. Forthyron will resolve the outward signs of hypothyroidism, but it will not cure the disease.

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